The Complete Set are people who frequently come together in order that they may create and play music. It is, of course, difficult to continually create and play music, so, in order to avoid fatigue and boredom, they occasionally repair to light refreshments and levity.

The group (which is not constant) are multi-instrumentalists and do not impose upon themselves any musical constraints or boundaries. The Complete Set's influences range from the Beatles to Bach, Cream to Stravinsky and Nirvanna to Stockhausen. The main objective is to produce music of a high technical quality, so the emphasis is on melody and harmony, which makes them to different to other bands.
The members of the Complete Set at present are as follows:
Tyler Boswell
Darius Frooome
Darren Stevenson
Silas Margin
Markus Brownmerry

Sir Toby Hybrid-Smythe, occultist and campanologist, has died recently and is now no longer part of the group. God rest his soul.

The producer is Mickey Tirpitz, and the engineer is the Right Honourable Conrad Jensen, PQLER.

We hope that you enjoy the music of the Complete Set and don't take things too seriously, it's only music!

Large Cranium Music Unlimited.
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